s200_brianna-millettHello, friend.

My name is Brianna. Welcome to my little corner of the blogsphere. This is where I allow myself to write, to contemplate, to give voice to my peripatetic curiosities.

I suppose you clicked on this ‘Hello’ page to learn something about me. So what can I tell you? I’ll start with this. I am a insatiable inquisitive with an ever wandering mind. I love intellectual exploration. I guess this is why I decided to “do” academic work and why I have the unquenchable desire to teach. I’ll talk a bit about running. And yoga.  And books. I love books. I might swear from time to time, because sometimes I do that.

And here you will also find the collection of musings that unceasingly weave through my mind and soul. These musings will part academic and part memoir. They will be theological and personal, because I think theology is personal. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are living out our theology. As a teacher, I want to be authentic. As a learner, I want to be authentic. And this is why you’ll find both the theological and the personal. I have more questions than answers, and I’m ok with that. Questions are invitations to explore, they are a reminder of our own finiteness and the infinite, beautiful force around us. A force that is much larger than we can possibly begin to know. I find that curiously wonderful.




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