Tattoos and the Universal Human Longing

“Will you tell me about those?” I asked the dread-head Rennie sitting across the community table, gesturing toward his arms. My eyes were fixed on his forearms but curiosity lured my gaze to the biceps hiding beneath the fabric of his t shirt. [Oh, by the way, a Rennie is someone who travels from place to place with the Renaissance Fair. A wonderfully free-spirited … More Tattoos and the Universal Human Longing

Embracing Dory

A few of my friends call me Dory. And only a few. Why Dory? Well, have you ever seen the movie, Finding Nemo? Here’s a story about all of that. Yesterday was a day of spiritual pruning. Remember I told you Donald Miller’s book kind of cracked me open? Well, it cracked me wide open. And … More Embracing Dory